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Jin Feng : Moral Hazard and Fairness in Medical Insurance: a study based on Co-ordination of Medical Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents

[Published]: 2021-05-10[Source]: [Browsing]:

Speaker:Jin Feng (Professor, Department of Economics, Fudan University)

Description:The existing literatures mainly examine the impact of medical insurance on medical consumption from the perspective of moral hazard and efficiency. This paper takes the urban and rural residents medical insurance as an example, first estimates the impact of medical treatment on rural residents medical consumption, thus obtains the“moral hazard” from the perspective of efficiency measure. Secondly, under the situation of urban and rural residents share the same “health needs”, this paper estimates rural residents’ corresponding medical consumption and“improvement fair effect” brought by medical insurance. Finally, this paper combines the “moral risk” and “improvement fairness” to evaluate whether the medical insurance of urban and rural residents brings excessive consumption of medical services.

Time:May 19,2021(Wednesday), 15:30-17:00

Venue: Shahe Building No.11, room403