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Chen Haiqiang: Spatial distribution and influencing factors of Chinese urban consumption-the basis of spatial integration of consumption flow

[Published]: 2021-10-14[Source]: [Browsing]:

Speaker: Chen Haiqiang (Xiamen University, Wang Yanan Research Institute of Economics, Professor of Finance Department of School of Economics and Zou Zhizhuang Center of Economic Research, Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Econometric Education)

Description: Cross-urban consumption has met the diversified needs of residents' consumption and promoted integrated urban development. It is an important embodiment and driving force of high-quality consumption growth. Using the cross-urban consumption data based on bank card swiping consumption data, the spatial distribution of urban residents in China.The discovery that geographical and administrative distance is the main factor hindering residents' cross-urban consumption, while cultural distance promotes cross-urban consumption due to complementary effects. In addition, the cities with the higher per capita income level, the stronger residents' willingness to consume in cross cities, while the central cities with more diversified consumption resources and the greater proportion of service industry have the stronger ability to attract foreign consumption. This article further opened the high-speed railway and urban agglomeration planning as the policy event, from the perspective of belt and surface space integration, found that high-speed rail promotes the eastern developed areas to the western less developed areas, and the urban agglomeration planning promoted the consumption flow between different types of cities within the urban agglomeration. This paper provides a reference for promoting the healthy flow of Chinese consumption and accelerating the construction of the domestic consumption cycle pattern.

Time:October22, 2021 (Friday),14:00-16:00

Venue: Room 403,Building No.11,School of Economics