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Our master’s programs are designed to provide students with theory and research skills in economics, and cultivate students who can undertake the teaching, scientific research and high-level economic management practice of this discipline in the future. At the School of Economics, the challenge for students is to discover and think about the most critical issues in the economic development of various countries and to form new insights.

The M.A. in Economics at the School of Economics offers degrees in the following areas: Industrial Economics, National Economics, Economic History, History of Economic Thoughts, Labor Economics, Regional Economics, Population Resources and Environment, World Economics, Western Economics and Political Economy.

The standard duration for each program is 3 years. Within the prescribed period of study, a total of 42 credits must be obtained for master's degree, including 1 credit for moral education, 40 credits for course study and 1 credit for research practice. For the students who do not come from the Mainland China, political theory courses are not required and can be chosen as the elective courses. The courses of Chinese (72 total hours and 4 credit points) and Academic English are the required courses for oversea students. Chinese Economy and Society (36 total hours in second term and 2 credit points) is required and only available for oversea students.